Call for Submissions: W.I.P. Night!

On January 15th, 2016, Clay and Paper is hosting a Work-In-Progress Night — an entire evening dedicated to sharing new performances and projects!

This is our invitation to you to perform short, work-in-progress or experimental pieces that fall somewhere within the categories of puppetry and/or street theatre. This evening is intended to be a space where people can bring projects they have been working on, or beginning to work on, and perform in a low-pressure environment for a friendly and encouraging audience. (We are especially interested in works that vibe with the C&P thematic canon, but are welcoming of all.)

This is also an opportunity for us to gather our friends and make good use of our beautiful studio space before it gets torn down to make way for nasty condos. Let’s help 35 Strachan go out with style!

Anyone interested in performing, please e-mail Kristi White at before December 20th with a short description of your proposed performance (max. 250 words).

Please feel free to spread this invitation to folks who may be interested in performing. The time allotted to each performer is 2-10 minutes (in the style of “Too Short to Suck”). We will be charging an admissions fee to non-performing audience members, which will be split amongst performers as payment.

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Sandra Mannila is a queer and Métis emerging artist, writer, and theatre professional. She is a new addition to the Toronto scene after a lengthy stint in Ottawa where she completed her BFA at the University of Ottawa (2013) and began her post-academic career in the arts. Sandra has worked with various creative companies and organizations in a wide range of capacities such as photographer, production coordinator, writer, and artist. These organizations include Arboretum Festival, Herd Magazine, CARFAC, Ravenswing Craft Fair, and, most recently, Clay and Paper Theatre. Sandra is currently working on new bodies of work in drawing, sculpture, and writing.