Happy World Theatre Day

Theatre and Standing on the Threshold of Change

We often speak of theatre taking place in the dark, in a black box, on a stage. Yet theatre is that, and so much more than that; it’s a sacred space between the audience and performer, between citizen and citizen, between the heart and the seeker. 

What better way to celebrate World Theatre Day but to remember that Clay and Paper Theatre has been lucky enough to have been doing this work for twenty-five years, always seeming to have been placed at an intersection of the earth, on the ground, in a park – our scared space with our audience. We remember that other countries have un-roofed theatrical traditions that abound everywhere and every-when, with beauty, concise thoughts, laughter, trickery, sound, epic imagery, magic and so much that is un-sayable. Theatre is worthy of our praise because of its ability to bring us into this relational/liminal space that connects us in place and time, always standing on the threshold of change together. 

And it is this threshold of change that Tamara and I wish to celebrate with to you today. As artists, let us not shirk, or shy away from it. Let us not be afraid of the real world as it bores its hard eyes into us. Let us not be fearful of excessive magic, or metaphors and mockery and laughter and contemplation. Let us not be afraid of suddenly invoking another world, another way. Let us not be afraid of sending the enemies of art withering into the purgatory of memory. Let us remember that in the theatre we always stand on the threshold of change, and as theatre makers we are guardians of that precious, liquid space, for all the seekers who have been and who will always, always come.

Tamara Romanchuk & David Anderson