Night of Dread

You’re invited…

Clay and Paper Theatre presents the 23rd Annual Night of Dread Parade, a procession of fearful pageantry, revels and mockery on Saturday, October 29th, from Shaw St (just north of Bloor) to Dovercourt Park, from approximately 6:00 to 7:00pm.

At this much loved, family-friendly, community event, Clay and Paper Theatre invites Torontonians to call on, mock and banish their small fears and their big fears for their communities and the world. Through parade and pageantry, music and ritual we face our darkest fears together.

This year, you will again be able to enjoy this procession from the comfort of your front lawns, porches and sidewalks in this parade-in-place, performer-only event.

For the first time in 23 years, we need to ask for your crucial help to cover the costs for the Night of Dread Parade and to donate to our Dreadful Fundraiser. When you donate to this incredible event, your generosity directly supports local artists and impacts community well-being.

David Anderson, Founding Artistic Director, Clay and Paper Theatre

From left to right: 1) The Wildmen lead the parade. 2) The Fear Catchers roam the streets. 3) David Anderson displays the symbolic Night of Dread bonfire during the procession.

What to expect during the Parade

Expect to see giant images and puppets of our fears! Expect lots of live music! Most importantly, expect to see our Fear Catchers! 

Fear Catcher helpers fan out during the parade to collect your fears and feed it to the Fear Catcher beast itself. So, BRING OUT YOUR FEARS! Write them down on a piece of paper – your big fears, your little fears, your fears for the world! – and make sure to give them to our Fear Catcher helpers. 

During the parade Clay and Paper Theatre also encourages all audience members to raise a dreadful racket with pots and pans, drums, musical instruments and other noisemakers.

Don’t forget, the dress code for the event is black and white and most dreadful!

Tamara Romanchuk, Co-Artistic Director, Clay and Paper Theatre

From left to right: 1) Fear Puppets tower over everyone. 3) Maracatu Mar Aberto warms up the parade-goers. 3) A performer serves up her most dreadful look.

Where’s the Parade?

  • Firstly, all parade performers, musicians, puppeteers and volunteers will be organized into a parade line along Crawford Street (at the top of Christie Pits Park).
  • Next, the Parade Master will begin the procession, moving south along Crawford Street and turning west into the alley just north of Bloor Street W., heading towards Shaw Street.
  • Shaw Street, just north of Bloor Street W. is the official beginning of the parade route.
  • The parade will then proceed:
  • North on Shaw to Hallam
  • West on Hallam to Westmoreland
  • South on Westmoreland to Fernbank
  • West on Fernbank to Bartlett
  • South on Bartlett to Southview where the Parade then enters Dovercourt Park, and all in attendance will assemble in a large circle for a short pageant performance.

Due to ongoing renovations, the Dufferin Grove Park Rink House is unavailable to us this year as a staging ground for the full Night of Dread event. Therefore, October 29th is a parade-only celebration that begins at Shaw, north of Bloor Street W. and ends at Dovercourt Park.

Clay and Paper Theatre

The 2022 route for the Night of Dread Parade