Our Work


Every year in the month of June, Clay & Paper Theatre presents Day of Delight, a one-day multidisciplinary festival celebrating love, courtship and desire. Coinciding with the summer solstice, Day of Delight is a fanciful celebration of spring, presenting dozens of Toronto’s most amorous artists, both emerging and professional.


Each summer the company presents a new Canadian play, which runs for up to 5 weeks in Dufferin Grove Park. As the centerpiece of our season, this play is rehearsed and built in full public view. Admission to all performances is ‘pay-what-you-can,’ ensuring theatre that is accessible to all members of our community.


Our annual Night of Dread has become one of Toronto’s favourite community events. Occurring each October on the Saturday before Halloween, hundreds of revelers gather for this community parade and celebration to parade images of their fears through the darkened streets. Returning to Dufferin Grove Park, these fears are mocked and banished, and their names burned in a bonfire. Our ancestors are honoured with a shrine garden, and the night is lit up with music, dancing and fire spinning.


In addition to these three major annual productions, Clay & Paper Theatre can be seen throughout the year at events such as Puppets on Ice or Red Pepper Spectacle’s Kensington Festival of Lights. Our Cyclops: Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad zipped around the city, bringing cycling to the theatre and theatre to the cyclists. Performances such as The Return of the Green Man and Bicycle Revolution have endeared us to the local community. Clay & Paper Theatre offers workshops in stilt-walking, puppet-building, performance and community art-making, providing community members the opportunity to practice their artistry and learn new skills.


With each passing year, each performance, each workshop, each parade, Clay & Paper Theatre further weaves itself into the fabric of the local community.


Clay & Paper Theatre is a registered charitable organization, charitable tax number 899324263RP0001.

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