Clay and Paper Theatre Announces the 2018 Fear of the Year on October 19th, 2018


Remember this fellow from last year? The Emperor of Amnesia was our leading puppet for our Fear of the Year for 2017, the Fear of Mass Amnesia. Stay tuned for our announcement this Friday when we reveal the Fear of the Year for 2018.

And our character images are also just as memorable. In 2015 we had the Ship of Fools (first photo). In 2016 we had The Fear Mongerers (second photo). In 2017 it was The Amnesiacs (third photo). This year, The Erasers will roam Dufferin Grove Park assisting our Fear of the Year for 2018. Photos to come…

The Ship of Fools
The Ship of Fools from 2015
The Fear Mongerers
The Fear Mongerers from 2016
The Amnesiacs from 2017

And remember, VOLUNTEER PERFORMERS ARE ALWAYS WANTED. We need your theatrical spirit and animation for our dreadful revels on October 27th! Please see the Volunteer for Night of Dread page for more details.