Night of Dread Volunteers!


He might be a Wildman, but don’t be scared. He just wants to dance and have a great time!


Night of Dread is Clay and Paper Theatre’s invitation to the community to help us build images of our private and collective fears and to then parade those fears through the darkened streets of Toronto and mock them and laugh at them back in Dufferin Grove Park.

As some of you  may know, Night of Dread is BIG! And like any BIG event, it requires the love and participation of our community to make it possible, which is why we are extending our hearts and our hands to you – the people of Toronto – to help make this spectacular night happen.

Although the event itself is on Saturday, October 29th, there is still PLENTY to be done in the couple of weeks we have left, which is where you come in! Planning is well underway and studio production already begun on a myriad of things such as silk screening, sewing, set design, and prop building. If you have crafty hands and a creative mind we welcome you with open arms, and even if you don’t but want to try something new we are happy to teach. Sharing is caring!

All pre-production work will take place up to an including Friday, October 21st at our studio location at 300 Campbell Ave, Suite 212 (at the Clock Factory, on the southwest corner of 1485 Dupont St. and 300 Campbell Ave). From Saturday, October 22nd onward to October 29th you can find us working away at the Dufferin Grove Park Rink House (875 Dufferin St., South of Bloor St. W., across from Dufferin Mall).

.As for the dreadful night in question there are LOTS of roles to fill. They are listed in full in our Volunteer Package, which is available for download at the bottom of the page.


We began accepting the help of our lovely volunteers last week to begin the construction of new puppets, costumes, and set pieces for Night of Dread 2016. However, we always have room for more people!

We will be open during our regular studio hours (Monday – Friday 11AM-6PM) as well as Saturdays from 11AM-4PM (both at our Campbell and Rink House locations).

VOLUNTEER MEETING: Saturday,  October 22nd at 11am and 3pm at the Rink House in Dufferin Grove Park.

Please contact our Producer, Tamara Romanchuk, to ask questions or schedule your hours at .


We will gladly provide a letter of support for all students volunteering to count towards their OSSD hours.

For more information please e-mail our Producer, Tamara Romanchuk, at


Download… volunteer-package-nod-2016