Animal Nature, 2015
(From left to right: Laura Lee, Felix Beauchamp, Jake Runeckles, Kathryn Durst)

Out amongst the community bake-ovens and lush gardens of Toronto’s Dufferin Grove Park, Clay & Paper Theatre has been changing the world. Completely. Irrevocably. Medieval mystery plays, Punch and Judy shows, African myths, Indonesian shadow puppetry, Native Canadian masks – all these and more have been influencing Clay & Paper Theatre since its birth in 1994. This is theatre on the ground, for the groundlings, in the park and on the street. This is theatre of exaggeration, of giant puppetry, of satire and wit gone awry. This is a little theatre company asking big questions with humour and irreverence. This is Clay & Paper Theatre.

Clay & Paper Theatre is a registered charitable organization, charitable tax number 899324263RR0001.